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If you have a premium ad (Platinum or Gold) in a city where premiums are often sold out, you may lose your premium placement in that city if you change your ad’s location, even for just one day. There are people waiting for months to get those spots and once you leave, it will become available for anyone else to purchase. If you are one of the lucky few to have these spots, we recommend leaving your ad in the city and creating a travel ad. You can choose to hide your ad in your home city while you are gone or change the text in your ad to indicate when you will be back and book appointments for when your return!

NOTE: If you are traveling, but want to keep your monthly ad online, you should COPY DATA TO A NEW AD, and create a travel ad for the days you will be in another city. You will be charged only for the days you are traveling (minimum of 5 days). Travel ads are good because they allow you to announce yourself in another city a few days before you arrive and generate interest and appointments in two cities at once.

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